Dr, Tan Ching Ngee
陳 政嶬 博士

陳 政嶬博士


Master Tan was born in Muar and as a child took up the study of Chu Gar boxing.
His teacher of this southern style was well known for his ability with the staff
and it was from him that he learnt staff. He recounts how he was not allowed to learn
any actual forms until he could break his teacher's staff with one blow from his own.

When he moved with his family to Singapore he took up the study of northern martial arts
with Grandmaster Chen Yu He. The young Ching Ngee developed a close relationship with
Grandmaster Chen and learnt from him many of the basic Jing Wu forms including tantui,
gong li quan, jie quan , wu hu qiang and ba gua dao.

In addition he started to learn the neijia arts of xing yi quan and taijiquan. When taking
part in a National Martial Arts Championships Ching Ngee caught the eye of a prominent
martial artist named Ong Zi Chuan. Master Ong, a native of Shandong Province, had been
invited over as a judge. Finding out who Tan Ching Ngee was from Chen Yu He who was also
judging, Master Ong invited Ching Ngee to train with him during his stay in Singapore.

Originally Master Ong had studied shuai jiao (Chinese wrestling) and because of his prowess
became known as "The Ironman of Shandong". After moving to Taiwan he was resoundingly
beaten by a taijiquan practitioner, Cheng Man Ching! After this he became Grandmaster Cheng's
disciple and this was the art that he introduced to Tan Ching Ngee.

Years later it was through Master Ong's introduction that Tan Ching Ngee met and became
a disciple of Cheng Man Ching. Master Tan bustles through life with a vigour and energy
that reflects his homeland Singapore. Always busy, always moving fast, it is all the more
surprising to see the measured grace of his Cheng style form. It is in pushing hands, however,
that he really excels and he is always willing for others to test his skills

Currently Master Tan has his own clinic of traditional Chinese medicine which is very successful.
Master Tan has visited England and Taiwan , Japan , Hong Kong and other many countries
on several occasions to share his skills with us.

Vice President of The World Kuo Shu Federation


Revitalise and soothing, effective for cold and flu, blocked nose, imitable throat, cough,
headache, heat exhaustion, dizzness, nausea, cheat and nasal congestion, bloatedstomach
and abdomen. Travel sickness, insect bites, skin itchiness, minor burns, scarred, rheumatic
pain, muscular injuries and bruises neck/shoulder/muscular and joint ache, spasm due
pressure on nerves.



It is effective in alleviating the following symptoms

1.Muscular and joint injuries such as bruises, sprains.
2.Neck and waist soreness.
5.Inflammation of lacerations/joints.
6.Numbness in extremities from nerve impingement.
8.Swelling from gout.
9.Stomach bloatedness and chest discomfort.
10.Bleeding from minor cuts by aiding clotting.
11.Skin problems such as itchiness, minor scalds, burns, bites, sting.
12.Ingrown toenail symptoms such as - a.Minor festering along the nail (plate).
13.Eczema(especially hand dermatitis).
14.Haemorrhoids (piles).


Rub oil a affected area,massage gently and it neccesary, increase the volume.
Alternatively put oil on handkerchief, place it on the nostrils and breath in deeply.
To clear blocked nose quickly rub oil on both sides of the nostrils. Rub above the eyebrows
and massage onto the protuberance.

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